Artisan ice cream at its finest

Arrivati artisan ice cream is made from natural ingredients (milk, fruit, cream, sugar, eggs, chocolate…) that combine to fashion the flavour and texture of the product. If we add to this the careful selection of raw materials such as in-season fruits and fruit juices, the world’s finest cacao and chocolate, hazelnuts, pistachios and premium quality dried fruits, the result is an artisan ice cream fit for gourmets.

This selection of ingredients combined with meticulous care in the production and serving of the product are elements that make Arrivati artisan ice cream one of the most highly regarded ice creams in the world. If you visit our parlour in Zarautz you will soon realise that the reason for our success is quite simple.

Since 1990

Our inspiration comes from several generations of family gourmets, always looking for the best ingredients and excellence in the production of artisan ice creams.

Take me home!

Visiting our ice cream parlours and taking a stroll along the Malecon or Zumaia’s pier is part of the experience, but you can also order Arrivati ice cream and enjoy it home.

We use fruit selected throughout the season: raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackcurrants (cassis), wild blueberries, sour cherries, Canary Island bananas and strawberries from Huelva. Fruit pulps and juices are also prepared and deep-frozen throughout the year so that they retain all their natural flavour at the best possible time.

The wafers are handmade (water, sugar, milk, flour, margarine and soya lecithin) and come in different varieties. We have different sizes of cones and wafers.

We pay special attention to the gluten-free cones and the protocol for coeliacs.